Entry #6

A new FPS?

2008-04-17 17:12:17 by Raptor-Llama

I recently released my first First Person Shooter. It bombed reviews. No one liked it practiclly. It astounds me that it even passed! But, of cource, it could've been better if the file didn't glitch on me, haulting my production and any editing. So, what if I made a new FPS? A FPS that was better. A FPS that might be worth your time. Now I just need some thoughts on a subject to base this off of? Ideas, anyone?


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2008-04-17 18:24:12

I've taken a look at your FPS; you definately need to work on the graphics.

Raptor-Llama responds:

I can't get much better in Liveswif, graphic wise. sigh.


2008-04-17 20:32:36

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Raptor-Llama responds:

k, but you can PM next time.


2008-11-15 19:51:25

i kinda liked it


2008-12-14 01:45:10

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