A new FPS?

2008-04-17 17:12:17 by Raptor-Llama

I recently released my first First Person Shooter. It bombed reviews. No one liked it practiclly. It astounds me that it even passed! But, of cource, it could've been better if the file didn't glitch on me, haulting my production and any editing. So, what if I made a new FPS? A FPS that was better. A FPS that might be worth your time. Now I just need some thoughts on a subject to base this off of? Ideas, anyone?

Go check it out! With much greater score than its processor!

For the few of you that have seen my one and only flash, the free tutorial, you may be interested to know that infact, the sequel for it is confirmed. I have not yet started making it, but I will defenetly make it. I might make up to 10, but chances are I wont. Here's the icon:

The free tutorial 2 is confirmed


2007-09-17 20:40:09 by Raptor-Llama

My Godzilla thing is deleted!!! I'm very pissed off right now. That means I accendently deleted it off of my computer, not that it was blammed.

Upcoming flash

2007-08-22 16:23:59 by Raptor-Llama

Coming soon: a Godzilla tribute and the free tutorial 2. Let me explain each:

Name: a Godzilla tribute
Status: worked on 1 day expected to be on portal tommorow.
Desription: A niffy tribute to the big G, includes four sections: Words and slideshow (about 30 seconds long), an animation (about 10 seconds long), a quiz, and a mini soundboard. may change.

Name: the free tutorial 2
Status: has not started exepted to be on the portal by the end of the week.
Desription: the sequel to the only Liveswif tutorial on newgrounds. Now get ready to learn fading in and out, objects gradiently changing color, movement and more!

The free tutorial most likely is most likely not getting blammed, and Godzilla is proubuly 50/50. Ok! That's it! Oh, there's a snapshot from Godzilla:

Upcoming flash

I like the new layout Tom!

2007-07-17 22:26:19 by Raptor-Llama

I like it! My video is okay, so please watch and review! Thanks!